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Pannier Mounting Kit PRO - Kit for 1 pannier
Reference: 90-020
Price: From $80.00
​universal assembly for all aluminium cases- adapting the individual height and lowering- durable and safe locks inside the cases (protectinon from the theft)- simple taking off without using tools- dedicated for pannier frames 15 - 18 mm- the high quality of the workmanship PRO mounting kit additionally contains outside stiffenings for the cases which prevent wiping off the case's wall cause by the pannier rack
Holder + canister 3L
Reference: 93-013
Price: From $65.00
​Perfect solution for travellers going on a long journey- additional 3 l of fuel in one pannier and 3 l of water in the second - specially travellers in Africa will appreciate it (size fitted to the majority of panniers)- if you have strong pannier you can also with special canister's holder made from stainless steel attach the canister on the outside wallIn the set with the holder: 2x Arno stripes 80cm with NOMADA logo mounting screwsWith BMW 12 adv and Trax cases we recommend to use additional adapter dimenssiones: 220mm(width)x165mm(high)x220mm(hight with the handle)
4 Integral locks NOMADA PRO Panniers
​ (set for 2 cases)
Reference: 90-114
Price: From $45.00
All of NOMADA Panniers feature a very rugged locking mechanism.
​Our integral locks are well suited for everyday use and easy to operate. Our integral locks are high-quality locks made by renowned manufacturers.

Holan Nomada Pannier Accessories

Bottle container
Reference: 93-022
Price: From $30.00
Mounted on the case- The standard bottle of 0.5 or 0.7 liters- You can carry for example oil for the engine and drink- Included: straps with logo NOMADA and mounting screws Holder for 1 bottel:dimmesions: width 60mm, hight 180mmHolder for 2 bottels:dimmesions: width 160mm, hight 180mm