1150GS Exhaust Cut Pannier Kit in Classic Style & Basic Style

Price : $1095.00 Basic Style Pannier Kit

Price : $1195.00 Classic Style Pannier Kit - Special Order Only

Kit Contains:

  • Left & right pannier
  • Set of pannier frames with mounting hardware
  • Pannier mount kit with internal support plates

Avaliable in two different styles:

  • Classic Style Panniers are built from 2mm aluminum sheet and have a fully  welded body.  Beveled angles around the bottom gives a clean look but also build in strength with those angles. These come in a straight pannier or with an exhaust cut for a  slimmer fit  with 3 different sizes.   There is always something just right for your bike.
  • Basic Style Panniers  are a more basic pannier in the way the body is built.   They are tough with a overlap between the body and to pannier bottom giving a  4 mm thick area to add stiffness. Assembled using solid aircraft style rivets  using a hydraulics press of my own design.   Also available with exhaust cut panniers.  


Lids are fitted with a tie down loops, recessed carry handles and heavy duty stainless latches.  Rubber seal built into the lid and it will last for years!

Pannier sizes:

Small     = 450Long x 380High x 190Wide  31lt

Medium = 450Long x 380High x 225Wide 38lt

Large    = 450Long x 380High x 260Wide 45lt


Width of luggage fitted to bike:

31lt pannier kit = 79cm

38lt pannier kit = 86cm

45lt pannier kit = 93cm

Handcrafted on the Sunshine Coast Australia

​Phone: 07 5493 1381 Mobile: 0417 622 880

E-mail: mtdluggage@gmail.com